Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Superhero of the Month

Hey, everyone -

I just wanted to take some time on my personal blog and fill you in on a little project I've started called Superhero of the Month. You may have seen some of the art I did here as submissions for Project: Rooftop. Since then, I've come across the Superhero Costume Coalition (or Superhero Coco). Both sites offer awesome takes on superhero costume redesigns, but I felt like I could offer something different. That's where SHotM came in.

SHotM is similar in offering fresh redesigns of classic superheroes. What is quite different is that SHotM lets the public decide who they think deserves the top spot in each monthly contest. SHotM will have a regular schedule, offering redesigns of a particular hero or villain each month (hence the name).

The first contest is to redesign Batman's sidekick, Robin. Details can be found here about the contest. I really hope to get a lot of entries. I don't want the site to be successful for my sake, but because I want to share very cool artwork with people on a regular basis. Superhero redesign art is a very cool, very particular niche among comic artists and fans, and I'm excited to get artwork from people and to help spread the word about their art.

SHotM has already had some fantastic support from Dr. Volt's Comic Connection, who is sponsoring our first contest by providing the winner's prize, and Big Shiny Robot, who posted a fantastic summary of SHotM here.

I hope that many artists can find out about and contribute to SHotM. Let the fun begin.

- Alex

PS - By no means does this mean that this blog is over! :)

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