Saturday, July 31, 2010

Should Chuck Continue Past Season 4?

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Recently, we discovered Chuck. We picked up Season 1 on Blu-Ray a while back, and finally got into it. We blazed through the thirteen episodes of Season 1, and quickly rushed out to pick up Season 2.

Prior to this was the Subway campaign to save Chuck from cancellation, which I was vaguely aware of. Thank goodness it worked and that NBC decided to renew Chuck for Season 3. What was nerve-wracking was watching a similar thing happen after Season 3 ended, only for Chuck to be renewed for Season 4.

I honestly wasn't sure it would happen. You see, after the way the conflict with The Tonight Show was handled, I had little faith in NBC to renew Chuck. Nonetheless, they pulled through, and we'll be seeing Chuck Bartowski and his colleagues in action this fall again.

What I'm wondering is, should the creative team behind Chuck intentionally wrap up the series this season? Of course, I'd love to see that not happen. Chuck has been a great show, but the Nielsen ratings, the outdated system that they are, aren't always there. Since the Nielsen ratings still seem to weigh heavily in a show's chance of renewal, I'd hate to see Chuck end in a similar manner as My Name is Earl.

As bittersweet as it sounds, if ratings don't improve I'd like to see Chuck end on a high note. Leave the audience begging for more. It would be better than a cliffhanger ending that is never resolved, or seeing the show decline in quality.

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