Friday, July 2, 2010

New Old Stuff - The Painter

As I mentioned, we're moving. In cleaning out and getting rid of a lot of old stuff, I came across a CD that had a few old drawings on it. So, since I mentioned I didn't have time to do anything new recently, I've decided to share some new old stuff with you all over the next few days. :)

This guy is something I did for the newsletter we published when I worked at Dr. Volt's Comic Connection. (You can also check out the Dr. Volt's blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages!) He would get cropped for the banner, but it was something I thought was fun at the time, and something I think still holds up today.

The original image

This is how it would show up cropped on the newsletter.

I also just realized that this is kind of similar in style to my Joker drawing I submitted to Project: Rooftop. Maybe I inadvertently have the urge to do a graffiti-inspired drawing every four years, as the similarities were completely unintentional; I forgot about this drawing until I rediscovered it last night.

Also, if you're into comics and are in the Salt Lake City area, check out Dr. Volt's at 2043 East 3300 South. They will take care of you. :)

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