Monday, June 21, 2010

Color Job

Sara knocked out this cool drawing of a girl and posted it on Facebook. I liked it a lot, and she was kind enough to let me color it. She was happy with how it turned out, so that was good!

It was really different to try coloring someone else's work. You obviously have your way of doing things, but you also want to compliment their style and really make their work come alive.

I tried a couple of different things with this one. I tried a (clearly off-screen) light source to the character's right, hence stronger highlights on the right side of her body and minimal highlights on the left. Conversely, you might notice stronger shadows on the left, but not as much, since I didn't give her super-strong shadows to begin with. Also, I used a different brush to try to give her gauntlets a wear-and-tear, dirty/used effect.

My favorite part about this coloring job is how the makeup around her eye turned out.

Overall, working on someone else's drawing was a fun exercise that I'd like to try again. It kind of makes you think differently and try new things, and helps you play up to someone else's strengths, while building your own skills up a bit.

Monday, June 14, 2010

"5 Minute Marvel" Black Canary / Update

A few months ago I joined Twitter to follow Conan O'Brien as my little way of showing support. I've also found a whole bunch of other people to follow, and found some cool sites in the process. 5 Minute Marvels showrunner was nearing 500 followers, and the 500th got to request a character to draw for the site. 5MM's concept is really cool: an adult and a kid take five minutes together to draw a comic book character. That's it. Then they can send them in and get posted on the Interwebs. So, seeing that the follow count was at 499, I jumped on board and got the lucky number. I requested Black Canary, and you can see the awesome results here!

I should have some stuff to show (hopefully) next week. This last week was incredibly busy, and the first half of this week looks like it might be the same.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marcio Takara's Catwoman

Marcio Takara is a comic book artist that has done work on The Incredibles: Family Matters comic book, as well as work for Marvel and Image Comics. He regularly updates his Twitter feed, and recently asked for suggestions of what to do for a warm-up sketch. I suggested several characters, and he did one of them! You can check it out by going here!

As for me, I've been busy lately and not had much time to draw, outside of what I need to do for class. I'll try to remedy that, since I have a few ideas that bounce through my head from time to time.