Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Off-Duty" Joker

Project: Rooftop has a bunch of regular columns, in addition to contests (such as the recent Black Canary contest). One of them is "Off-Duty," depicting heroes and villains in plain clothes. I chose the Joker, and I'm pretty happy with how the final version came out.

I wasn't sure what the Joker would wear, especially since I decided to go with The Dark Knight style Joker, but I decided to dress him in a "Property of Arkham Asylum" t-shirt. My main thinking behind this is that I think he would find it funny, the fact that he could be considered their property, when he's likely to be pulling all of their strings.

As always, here's the line art version. There's a couple of changes, particularly in the Harvey Dent poster.

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