Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Whole Lot of Sketches

I had an old sketchbook in one of my bags that I don't really use anymore. Part of the reason is that it is a bound sketchbook, which is fine, but I've switched to the ringed book, which I think makes it easier to work with. Additionally, my ringed book is, I believe, 11" x 17"; this older one is an 8 1/2" x 11" book, which isn't bad, but now I can do full-body illustrations without having to forgo detail and/or splice two images together, which I think can be a pain in Photoshop, regardless of how well everything matches up on paper.

Anyhow, the following are some of the better sketches for you to check out; a lot of them are completely unfinished, so keep that in mind. There are a couple of non-comic ones towards the bottom, too.





Clockwise, from left: Batman, The Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn (This Harley, as with the one that preceded it, was a sketch for a comic sequel to The Dark Knight.)



Batman (This was part of a Project: Rooftop-concept redesign, as are several of the following Batman-related drawings.)




Harley Quinn

Jim (The Office)

A Girl

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man

This was something of an experiment (that I deemed a success!), in that I only used non-photo blue pencils to do my drawing, adding the inks over those, rather than tightening my roughs with a regular lead pencil. For the most part this worked, except where I started tightening the pencils with heavier, darker lines. Nonetheless, they were easily removed in Photoshop, so everything worked out the way I wanted it to.

You might look at the above and think, "Man, you screwed up! Spider-Man wears red and blue!" True, but this wasn't always so! Here's a little bit of nerdy info for you: Originally, the blue was used to highlight the black, intended to give an illusion of three-dimensionality. Eventually, the blue spread out to be the dominant color, and the blacks ended up looking like shadows. The same thing happened to Batman. I guess it makes sense for Spider-Man to wear red and blue; I mean, the guy operates in broad daylight. In the case of Batman, on the other hand, the change never made sense, since darkness and shadows are where he operates. Bright blue just doesn't flow with the character. Anyhow, I kind of prefer the black in both cases.

The line art is below.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Go Green Supergirl

I was going to wait until the end of the month to post this stuff, but then I thought I'll just post it as it comes. I think it'll still be fun.

This Supergirl was sent to me from Jeremy English. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and now he gets to be an artist for a living, which is really cool. He whipped this up the other morning and sent it to me, causing my mind to explode with awesomeness. I love the green theme, which is something I never would have expected.

Check out his blog here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Off-Duty" Joker

Project: Rooftop has a bunch of regular columns, in addition to contests (such as the recent Black Canary contest). One of them is "Off-Duty," depicting heroes and villains in plain clothes. I chose the Joker, and I'm pretty happy with how the final version came out.

I wasn't sure what the Joker would wear, especially since I decided to go with The Dark Knight style Joker, but I decided to dress him in a "Property of Arkham Asylum" t-shirt. My main thinking behind this is that I think he would find it funny, the fact that he could be considered their property, when he's likely to be pulling all of their strings.

As always, here's the line art version. There's a couple of changes, particularly in the Harvey Dent poster.


Redesign of Batman's costume. While it may look like he has a gun attached to his utility belt, I intended it to be a taser. Why wouldn't Batman use a taser?!