Friday, March 19, 2010

Project: Rooftop - Black Canary

Okay, it took two late nights of coloring, but here's the final version of my Black Canary redesign:

(Click the image to go big!)

As you can see, it doesn't stray too far from the other sketches, but there are some differences. In this version, I added a faux skirt to the mix, starting where the suit zips in its distinctive fashion on the right of the body. I thought it worked well with the character, but it's also functional since it's not restrictive. The open right side and slit on the left (and it can be correctly assumed that the skirt continues on the back) allow for running without hindrance, which I would think is a requirement if you're a vigilante in Gotham City.

What's also a bit more distinctive in this version, as opposed to some of the others, are the higher gloves, which I wanted to give a more reinforced look with extra protection on the forearms. I imagine them to be some kind of lightweight metal alloy or other protective material (with a glossy shine). I also imagine the fingertips are made of a similar material. The boots follow a similar fashion, but don't cover as much of the leg.

Really, going into it, I thought two things should stay the same: 1) she needed to be wearing black (otherwise, the name doesn't really fit in my mind), and 2) she had to be wearing the fishnets, which are iconic of the character. I did want to highlight more than the current costume affords, though, so I went with the yellow piping that I feel accentuates the character, but doesn't otherwise distract. (Again, useful while operating in Gotham.)

Lastly, when I thought about it, I realized that as part of the Batman family, Canary doesn't carry much in the way of tools. Since she operates under the former Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), I thought it would make sense to incorporate some of the tools of the trade. In m redesign, she sports a few pouches on her right arm and left thigh, as well as a loose-fitting utility belt that I think could be worn or left behind to suit whatever mission she may be on.

Below, you can check out my final version of the inks before I darkened and colored the piece. Please wish me luck! This is my first submission to Project: Rooftop!


Anne Nichols said...

Great job! You're such a good artist. :)

Alex Getts said...

Thanks, Anne!