Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's That Thing Called, Where We Elect People to Public Office?

Ugh. I'm getting sick of this. I just saw this video (at the end of the post), and one thing that continues to perplex me is this notion that we've lost our representation or that our representatives don't really represent us.

Well, I suppose if you voted for the candidate that lost, you'd be partially correct. They probably don't represent your views, but seriously--calling for a new revolution?

Don't get me wrong, I agree with several point in this video, but really? A revolution? If the person you didn't vote for doesn't represent your views, that doesn't call for a revolution! That's democracy!

But the last bit, the "get a gun, you'll need it" is ridiculous. It seems to me that this video was put together by a politically conservative group, but it's mind boggling that now, when the Democrats are in power, a revolution is called for. What happened to waiting for 2012, or 2010 for that matter?

No. Rather, let's take up arms and "take back the government" by force. Is this why people are showing up at health care rallies with assault rifles?

Last time I checked, we took care of those in positions of power that we didn't agree with by voting them out of office. And if they aren't voted out, then we abide by the will of the majority.

Some people are afraid of "what America is becoming" because of proposals and legislation being passed through a Democratically-controlled Congress with a Democratic President. I'm more afraid of what will happen to America if people start revolting simply because they can't handle the will of the majority.

You know, democracy.

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